Adult Facilites

The French game of Petanque

Little known, there is an outdoor Boule or Petanque rink.  Its hidden behind the Badminton hall and is easily accessible along the front of the club.  There is a set of balls available with a £20 returnable deposit rule from behind the bar.  It is all weather and can be played throughout the year.  There is also a club that currently play's every Wednesday evening.

All members can use the rink.  Its new and we would love you to start using this facility.  Its not just a summer activity, so come along with the family as its good fun for all ages.



Exercise Frames for adults and bigger children

Provided by the local parish council, In front of the Boule rink are a set of three public exercise frames.  There for your use during the
recreation opening hours and can be used by the public.  So why not come along, work out, work up a thirst and let our Thirst Technician offer you his expertise to quench that thirst, with a pint or Non-alcoholic  drink at the club bar.  His recommended Ales and New Drinks are shown on the FISSC web-page together with our freshly cooked menu. ( Food 'Hospitality at the club')


 Sports and Fulbourn Centre Booking


In the Sports Hall shown in the picture above, badminton and table tennis can be booked.  Along with these, many of the FISSC sporting activities can be enquired about and some booked through the Fulbourn Centre.  You can contact us on 07594427681 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Booking Contact:

Mrs Janice Brown.  31 Home End Fulbourn Cambridge CB21 5BS.