1. The name of the Club is the Fulbourn Institute Sports and Social Club. In these Rules it is referred to as “The Club.” The premises of the Club are situated at Home End, Fulbourn.

2. The objects of the Club are to encourage the development of playing and social facilities for sport in Fulbourn

3. Membership

a) The membership of the Club can be drawn from the members of Fulbourn Institute Football and Cricket Clubs and any other sporting organisation who become affiliated to the Institute. This will include the parents of junior members of any affiliated club. (A junior member must be defined as being under 18 on 1st April).

b) Every candidate for membership shall be proposed and seconded by members of the Club. His full name and address and occupation and the names of the Proposer and Seconder shall be communicated in writing to the Membership Secretary who shall cause these particulars to be exhibited prominently in the Club House in a part frequented by the members for a period of at least 2 days before his election as a member. Until the candidate is elected as a member he shall not be entitled to any of the privileges of the Club.

c) Social Membership shall be made available to people interested in the Football/Cricket Clubs and/or the Institute. They may be proposed and seconded directly to the Membership Secretary

4. Election

Candidates for membership shall be elected by the Committee at its sole discretion.

5. Officers of the Club

The Officers of the Club shall be the President, the Chairman, the Membership Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer, and the Honorary Secretary, who shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

6. Management

a)  The Management of the Club shall be entrusted to a Committee consisting of the Chairman, the Membership Secretary, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and at least six other members of the Club of whom three shall be elected from and by the Football section of the Club and three shall be elected from and by the Cricket section of the Club; any sporting organisations who affiliate to the Institute shall be entitled to a maximum of two members per group on the Management Committee and such members shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee shall meet whenever necessary and in particular when two or more Members of the Committee ask that a Committee Meeting shall be held and, in any event, there shall not be less than 9 meetings of the Committee per annum. Six members of the Committee shall form a quorum.  Three members of the Management Committee may sit on the Townley Memorial Trust Committee as representatives of the Insitute. One member of the Townley Memorial Trust to be on the Management Committee of the Institute.



The purchase for the Club and supply of the Club of intoxicating liquor shall be in the absolute discretion of the elected members of the Management Committee.

8. Casual Vacancies

The Committee shall have power at any time, from time to time, to fill any casual vacancies among the officers and the Committee. Any officer or member of the Committee so appointed shall hold office only until the next following Annual General Meeting but shall then be eligible for re-election.

9. Annual Subscriptions

The annual subscription shall be such sum as is fixed by the members at the Annual General Meeting in each year AND SHALL BE PAYABLE ON THE 1ST DAY OF APRIL IN EACH YEAR.

10. Commission

No person shall at any time be entitled to receive at the expense of the Club or of any member thereof any commission percentage or similar payment on or with references to purchases of intoxicating liquor by the Club; nor shall any person directly or indirectly derive any pecuniary benefit from the supply of intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the Club to members of guests apart from any benefit accruing to the Club as a whole and apart from also any benefit which a person derives indirectly by reason of the supply giving rise to or contributing to a general gain from the carrying on of the Club.

11. Sale of Intoxicating Liquor to Strangers

There may be admitted to the Club’s registered premises other than members or their guests and intoxicating liquor may be sold to such persons by or on behalf of the Club for consumption on the premises and not elsewhere provided that all such persons are members or officials of teams and User Groups visiting the Club premises for the purposes of playing sporting games or booked events/meetings in the Centre.

 12. Application of Profit

No money or property of the Club or any gain arising from the carrying on of the Club shall be applied otherwise than for the benefit of the Club as a whole or for some charitable or benevolent purpose or purposes chose by resolution of a General Meeting.

13. Finances and Accounts

The finances of the Club shall be managed by the Honorary Treasurer who shall produce a statement of accounts to each meeting of the Management Committee. Full accounts of the financial affairs of the Club duly audited by the Auditors shall be delivered to every member with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting.

14. Subscriptions in Arrears

If ANY member shall fail to pay his subscription WITHIN ONE MONTH after it has become due the Membership Secretary shall send him/her a notice in writing to his/her address as recorded in the books of the Club calling upon him/her to pay the same WITHIN 7 DAYS. If he/she shall fail to pay his subscription the Committee shall be entitled to TERMINATE his/her membership without further notice.

15. General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held in the month of June in each year and 15 months shall not elapse without a General Meeting. At the Annual General Meeting the following business shall be conducted.

a) The presentation and (if accepted) the passing of the accounts for the previous financial year ended on the 31st day of March prior to the meeting which accounts shall first have been audited by the Club’s Auditors.

b) The election of Officers and Committee

c) The amount of the Annual Subscription

d) The election of the Auditor

e) Such other business as shall have been communicated to the Honorary Secretary and included in the notice of the meeting sent by him/her to the members.

16. Extraordinary Meetings

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time and shall be convened within 14 days on the requisition of one fifth of the members of the Club for the time being or 15 members, whichever is the less. Such requisition must state the purpose for which such meeting is required.

17. Notice of Meetings

The Honorary Secretary shall at least 14 days before any General Meeting send to every member at his/her address as recorded in the Club’s books, a notice of the meeting stating the time when and the place where it will be held and the business to be conducted.

18. Business at General Meetings

The business at a General Meeting shall be limited to that provided by these Rules and those further matters set out in the notice convening the meeting. The quorum at any General Meeting shall be 25.

19. Votes

At all meetings of the Club each full member shall have one vote.

 20. The President of the Club shall preside at all General Meetings of the Club but if he/she is not present within 15 minutes after the time appointed for the meeting such person shall preside as is chosen by the members present.

21.Expulsion of Members

THE COMMITTEE SHALL HAVE POWER TO EXPEL ANY MEMBER WHO SHALL OFFEND against the Rules of the Club or whose conduct shall in the opinion of the Committee render him/her unfit for membership of the Club. Before any such member is expelled the Honorary Secretary shall give him/her 7 days written notice to attend a meeting of the Committee and shall inform him/her of the complaints against him/her. No member shall be expelled without first having an opportunity of appearing before the Committee and answering the complaints made against him/her nor unless at two thirds of the Committee then present vote in favour of his/her expulsion.

22. Temporary Members

The Committee shall be empowered to elect temporary members of the Club on such terms and at such subscription as they shall by resolution decide but no such members shall be elected or re-elected for a period that shall exceed in all one month and Rule 3 hereof shall apply to the election of such members. The number of temporary members shall at no time exceed one-tenth of the membership of the Club (excluding such temporary members) and no person shall be elected to Temporary membership unless he is precluded by distance of other circumstances from making full use of the privileges of the Club.

23. Guests

Any member shall be entitled to introduce guests to the Club provided that no person whose application for membership has been declined or who has been expelled from the Club shall be introduced as guests. The member introducing a guest shall enter the name and address of the guest together with is own name in a book which shall be kept at the Club House.

24. Opening of the Club House

The Club shall be open in line with the Liquor Licence at times directed by the management committee.

25. Permitted Hours

The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquor shall be as per the licence

26. Children

ALL CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16 YEARS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED whilst on the Club premises under the strict supervision of parent/guardian – Colts/Young Clubs under the strict supervision of an appointed Adult.

27. The Property of the Club

The property of the Club shall be considered as vested in the Management Committee (but owned by all the members) for the time being. Where it shall be desirable or necessary for any property or assets of the Club to be vested in Trustees on behalf of the Club or any property or assets be transferred to those of another organisation subscribing to aims and objects incorporating those of the Club a General Meeting of the Club shall first be convened.

28. Trustees

There shall be not more than 3 Trustees of the Club. The first Trustees shall be appointed by the Committee and the property of the Club (other than cash which shall be under control of the Treasurer) shall be vested in them to be dealt with by them as the Committee shall from time to time direct by Resolution (of which an entry in the minute book shall be conclusive evidence). The Trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Club property. The Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation or until removed from office by a resolution of the Committee who may for any reason which may seem sufficient to a majority of them present and voting at any meeting remove any Trustee or Trustees from the office of Trustee. Where by reason of any such death, resignation or removal, it shall appear necessary to the Committee for a new Trustee or Trustees to be appointed, or if the Committee shall deem it expedient to appoint an additional Trustee or additional Trustees shall by resolution nominate the person or persons to be appointed the new Trust or Trustees. For the purpose of giving effect to such nomination the President is hereby nominated as the person to appoint new Trustees of the Club within the meaning of Section 36 of the Trustees Act 1925 and he shall be deed duly appoint the person or persons so nominated by the Committee as the new Trustee or Trustees of the Club and the provisions of the Trustee Act 1925 shall apply to any such appointed. Any statement of fact in any such deed of appointment shall in favour of a person dealing bona fide and for value with the Club or the Committee be conclusive evidence of the fact so stated.

 29. Modification of Rules

No alteration or addition to these Rules shall be made except by Resolution carried by majority of at least two-thirds of the members present at the General Meeting the notice of which shall have contained particulars of the proposed alteration or addition. The Honorary Secretary shall as soon as possible and in any case within 28 days of making any such alteration or addition to these Rules give written notice of such alteration or addition to the Chief Officer of Police and to the Clerk of the Local Authority of the District in which the club is situated – usually this is enforced by the Liquor Licence.

 30. Strangers

That there may be admitted to the Registered premises of the Club persons other than members and intoxicating liquor may be sold to such persons by or on behalf of the Club for consumption on the premises and not elsewhere subject to the following conditions:

i) That such persons are attending a function which is promoted by and is the responsibility of a member of the Club who is present at such function


ii) that such persons are attending any function organised at the Registered premises of the Club other than one given in accordance with (i) above.

PROVIDED that there shall be no more than 12 functions organised under this Rule in any one year and

FURTHER PROVIDED that the income from all such functions shall be used to pay for expenditure incurred in improving or maintaining the facilities and premises of the Club.

AND that there shall be kept at the Registered premises of the Club a Record Book showing all such functions which said Record Book shall be open to inspection.

31. No intoxicating liquor shall be supplied on the Club premises to Members under 18 years of age.